Southerwaterfowler.com is the home of writing samples and works in progress. Most everything here is first draft, rough and likely to change over time.

My name is Bradley Ramsey and all this blather is original work of mine and copyrighted. But please feel free to share this blog.

I have been hunting ducks and geese for almost four decades. That journey has taken me to marshes, swamps, potholes, pits, dry fields and layout boats in 18 states and all four major flyways of the U.S.

I have worked in the outdoor industry in various forms throughout the years in various jobs ranging from custom camouflage boat painter to Editor in Chief of the former print publication Waterfowler.com Journal.

These days I make my living outside the industry but sure wouldn’t mind  going back into it in some capacity.


Anyhow, I appreciate your visit and welcome any and all feedback to the works your find here.


Hope you enjoy,


Bradley W. Ramsey



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